When a corporation is created, a Board of Directors must be appointed to represent and protect the interests of the shareholders of the company. To that end, the Board of Directors is responsible for managing matters of corporate governance.

Corporate governance refers to the rules and systems that are used and relied upon to achieve profitability and growth objectives. In other words, a business’s corporate governance determines how it is run.

The Board of Directors will routinely need to make decisions involving the hiring of new corporate officers, executive compensation, transparency concerns, risk management, crisis management, accountability issues, and dividend policies. Responsible and effective corporate governance generally instills confidence in the public and the investment community, often allowing companies to build strong reputations and meet their goals. 

Our firm can advise your Board of Directors on a variety of corporate governance issues. We have worked with businesses across numerous industries and can help you make informed decisions. 


All corporations are legally required to maintain detailed and accurate records. Some of these documents will be generated when you initially form your corporate entity. Other types of records will need to be created and preserved as your company conducts operations and evolves. For example, corporations are required to keep detailed minutes of all Board of Directors meetings.

We can help you maintain many types of corporate documentation, including:

- Articles of Incorporation

- Corporate Bylaws

- Corporate Resolutions

- Income Tax Returns and Tax Records

- Annual Reports

- Meeting Minutes

- Employment Files

- Financial Statements, including Bank Statements

- Stock and Securities Exchanges

Companies that do not retain all legally required records and documentation can face stiff and costly penalties. Our firm can partner with your business to ensure all regulatory recordkeeping requirements are met.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

A merger or acquisition can represent an exciting development in the evolution of your company or even the culmination of your commercial enterprise. They are also inherently complex corporate transactions that require completing substantial amounts of due diligence and numerous legal and procedural steps. 

Our Miami corporate and business lawyers can leverage our decades of legal experience and business acumen to guide you through these processes as efficiently and safely as possible. Our team at Perez Abello Law can work to ensure each transaction protects your company’s interests, accomplishes intended objectives, and meets all regulatory requirements. 

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